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Toshiba has more than 125 years of leadership among the largest and most active industrial enterprises in Japan. In contrast, Toshiba Tec Corporation is the pioneer and leader in barcode technology and automatic identification. It is a prime manufacturer of quality printers, which have a perfection of execution and thus great trust of customers.

Zebra Technologies Corporation is one of the leading companies providing the greatest range of innovative technological solutions in order to identify the products and thereby improve efficiency. The brand offers world-renowned printers, software, and other hardware. With its solutions sourcing, visibility, security and accuracy can be improved. Zebra helps its customers to enter the relevant assets in the right place and time.

SATO is a leading provider of integrated solutions for the automatic identification and data collection technologies for improving the effectiveness of barcodes and RFID. The company offers complete solutions for various industries by integrating hardware, software, supplies, consumables and services. Customers bestow SATO trust because of its accuracy, employees and savings means that help to protect the environment.

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