Digital printing

Intended use: automotive, aerospace, food processing, materials management, asset tracking, warehouse management and other



Digital printing is a printing method using the printing machine that creates the image directly on the basis of data sent from a computer without the use of intermediate media and forms printing, which allows printing house to save on the cost of their preparation and reduce the delivery time. For the same reasons there might be any personalization (modification) of each single copy of the printed materials. Digital printing technique resembles the way you work laser printer, but the print quality is much higher. Such a method of printing labels is dedicated to small manufacturing companies that produce rather small quantities of goods, as well as those that use many different labels (including self-adhesive), but at low cost, due to the variability of the products, the need for numbering individual labels, differentiation product description , adjust the description in terms of region, language, and changes in colour, as well as the production of such promotional kits or test. Within a few minutes you can prepare, make the necessary changes or corrections and start production 5 or 5000 pieces labels.

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