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What is a product label?

Self-adhesive shelf labels are an essential piece of equipment for any warehouse, making it easier to organise and identify stored goods. They are usually made of durable materials that are resistant to external factors such as moisture or dirt, which guarantees their durability even in difficult conditions.

The self-adhesive layer means that storage labels can be quickly and easily affixed to any shelving surface, without the need for additional tools. Their legible and often personalised print allows individual products to be located quickly, which significantly speeds up logistics processes in the warehouse.

Shelving warehouse labels often include a QR code or barcode, which enables the automation of scanning and product identification processes, contributing to a significant reduction in the time needed for inventory and product retrieval. In addition, modern printing technologies allow labels to include not only text, but also colour graphics or company logos, which can support visual identification and comply with company branding standards.

Properly designed and applied, self-adhesive rack storage labels not only increase work efficiency, but also contribute to safety by minimising the risk of errors in warehouse management and order handling.

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