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TNT Label is a brand belonging to the TNT Packaging group. As a passionate team with over 12 years of experience, we provide self-adhesive labels and other products for marking goods.

Our extensive technical knowledge allows us to complete even the most complex projects. Thanks to the dedication of all departments, each team member plays a key role in the process of serving our customers, providing them with the highest quality service.

Our relationships with professional raw material suppliers are the foundation of our success.

We specialise in providing self-adhesive labels for a variety of industries, including e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing. Thanks to our advanced technologies and know-how, we are able to meet all our customers’ requirements.

Growing a business in an ever-changing environment is a huge challenge. However, with a professional and committed team it becomes a pleasure.

We have courage, knowledge, experience and vision. While these values are extremely valuable to us, they would be meaningless without charisma, humility, a willingness to improve and openness to new challenges.

Our company is distinguished by an exceptional team, extensive technological capabilities and a wealth of experience. Most importantly, however, is our commitment and determination to take care of our customers, their products and supply chain security.

Our customer service strategies are flexible, allowing us to tailor our collaboration to individual needs, including consolidating deliveries to different customer factory locations around the world.


Since our start in 2012, with simple self-adhesive labels and expert advice on material selection, our business has continued to evolve, gaining trust in the manufacturing, logistics and e-commerce industries.


Our current focus is on innovation, transforming processes to increase efficiency. Our team is constantly evolving, bringing new skills to every aspect of the business – from customer service to manufacturing to bringing new products to market.


Our operations are driven by customer needs. The drive to satisfy them allows us to grow dynamically, which has enabled us to build a strong position in both local and international markets.


We deliver throughout Europe

We enjoy the trust of customers spread across a wide area of Europe. Our commitment and efficiency ensure that our high-quality labels and innovative packaging solutions go where their businesses thrive.

Our customers are from: Poland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland.

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