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Unprinted labels

Application: Food industry, logistics, refrigeration, marking of goods and storage.



Unprinted labels are a practical and efficient solution for a wide range of industries, enabling information to be printed quickly and without problems. The labels are dedicated for direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, which ensure clear and permanent printing.

Labels are widely used in logistics, retail, where speed and accuracy of labelling is of paramount importance.

We offer non-printable labels made to customer specifications, such as:

  1. Paper and foil thermal labels
  2. Paper and foil thermal transfer labels
  3. Self-adhesive labels on A4 sheets

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Thermal labels – crucial in the labelling of goods, they enable the efficient management of goods in stock. It is the quality of the print and adhesive that determines the durability of the label. With this in mind, our labels guarantee a perfectly black print, preserving legibility in closed and dry storage areas. The rubber adhesive used makes it very easy to use. Hot melt adhesives are characterised by greater adhesive strength immediately after application than acrylic adhesives. Labels with rubber glue adhere much better to the surface to be glued.

We have a wide range of die-cutters and can therefore offer many label sizes without incurring die-cutter costs. The labels are compatible with printers available on the market of such brands as Zebra, Godex, Toshiba Tec, Sato Citizen, etc., which support rolls on a coil of 19 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, and 76 mm. Thermal labels are characterised primarily by a thermosensitive coating, ease of application, durability, and the use of rubber adhesive, which is also available as an option for deep-freezing products. The most common applications for these labels are in the food industry, logistics, refrigeration, labelling and warehousing.

Thermal transfer labels are a special type of label that are printed using thermal transfer technology. Ta metoda polegać na przekazywaniu pigmentu z taśmy termotransferowej barwiącej na powierzchnia etykiety za pomocą drukują, które nagrzewa się w określonych miejscach. As a result, these labels have a high print durability and are resistant to abrasion, moisture and temperature changes. They are ideal for applications requiring long-lasting product labelling, such as food, pharmaceutical or logistics labelling.

With the termotransfer technique, the termotransfer label allows for very detailed graphics and text, even very small font, which is important for the code of small instructions. The process is also highly flexible, enabling the production of labels in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit specific user needs.

The printing of thermal transfer labels requires TTR ribbons, which, depending on the material to be printed, are characterised by their respective parameters. A distinction is made between wax, wax-resin and resin ribbons.

A4 sheet self-adhesive labels are a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, from the home office to the professional working environment. Available in a variety of formats and shapes, they can be easily applied to a variety of items, providing both functionality and aesthetics. Users can use regular inkjet or laser printers to print on these labels, making them easily accessible and simple for anyone to use.

With A4 sheet self-adhesive labels, you can quickly create professional-looking labels for organisational, marketing or item personalisation purposes. In addition, a special adhesive layer ensures strong and permanent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, adding to their versatility.


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