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What is a product label?

Commercial labels are an indispensable element in stationary shops, playing a key role in communication between retailers and consumers. They provide essential information about the product, prices and promotions, enabling customers to make informed purchasing choices. With commercial labels, shops can not only comply with labelling laws, but also ensure transparency and safety for consumers, which is important for building customer trust and loyalty.

Commercial labels also have an important marketing function, attracting shoppers’ attention and influencing their purchasing decisions. They stand out for their wide range of design options, from simple price labels to sophisticated QR code solutions, allowing shops to customise them to suit their individual needs and brand image. Retail labels are essential for keeping shelves organised, making it easier for both staff and customers to find the products they are looking for quickly.

Commercial labels play a key role in the identification, classification and promotion of products. Here are some basic types of commercial labels:

  1. Price labels
  2. Promotional labels
  3. Composition and product information labels
  4. Barcodes and QR codes
  5. In-store navigation and information labels

Product labels are therefore not only a tool for communicating information, but also an important element of a marketing strategy to differentiate products in the market, build branding and ensure user safety.

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