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Paper packaging tape

Application: Food industry, logistics, refrigeratioan, marking of goods and storage.



Paper packaging tapes are an environmentally friendly and durable alternative to traditional plastic solutions, enabling parcels and cartons to be securely protected for shipping. They are made from renewable sources, which contributes to waste reduction and supports green business practices. Fully personalisable, these tapes not only secure the contents of parcels, but can also be used as a marketing tool, improving brand recognition.

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Printed paper packing tape – made from eco-friendly kraft paper, combines aesthetics with functionality, being available in a variety of base colours and offering the option of personalising the print with up to three colours.

The exceptional adhesion of printed paper packaging tape, even on uneven surfaces and in a variety of weather conditions, makes it ideal for sealing cartons and wrapping parcels. In addition, personalisation of the tape is an excellent opportunity for brand promotion, increasing brand recognition and building a lasting product memory with the recipient.

Water-activated paper packaging tape is an innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solution that is gaining popularity due to its unique properties. This type of tape requires wetting with water to activate the natural starch adhesive, ensuring a strong and durable bond to cardboard surfaces. It is ideal for companies looking for ways to increase the security of their shipments, as the tape forms a seamless unit with the packaging, making it much more difficult for unauthorised opening without damaging the carton.

Furthermore, water-activated paper packaging tape is fully biodegradable and made from renewable raw materials, highlighting its environmentally friendly nature. Using water-activated paper tape is not only practical, but also a conscious choice that can positively impact your brand image by promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Reinforced paper packing tape is an excellent choice for those who need extra strength and security when packing heavier parcels. Fibre-reinforced, this tape combines the environmental benefits of paper with exceptional durability, offering tensile and cut resistance, which is key when securing heavy or valuable goods.

Reinforced paper packaging tape is particularly valued in the shipping and logistics industry, where the reliability of the packaging has a direct impact on the safety of the goods being transported. Thanks to its structure, the tape provides a strong, durable seal for cartons, minimising the risk of accidental opening during transport. In addition, the use of environmentally friendly materials in the production of these tapes underlines the commitment to sustainability, making it an environmentally responsible choice.


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