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Polypropylene packing tapes

Application: Food industry, logistics, refrigeration, marking of goods and storage.



Packing tapes or printed personalised packing tapes are versatile tools that play a key role in ensuring the safety and stability of packages during transport and storage. Made from strong, flexible materials, they are adapted to a wide variety of applications thanks to their exceptional adhesion and tensile strength.


These tapes have a high resistance to weather conditions, including temperature changes and moisture, making them a reliable choice for shipments requiring long-term storage or exposure to harsh conditions.


Available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, they allow them to be tailored to meet specific needs, from lightweight parcels to heavy loads that require protection. Ease of use, quick unwinding and cutting capabilities, as well as personalisation options through printing, make packaging tapes a must-have in logistics, e-commerce and many other industries.


The high quality and durability of the tapes ensure that the packages arrive at their destination intact, protecting the contents from damage or loss.

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Printed PP packaging tape – made from durable 25 micron polypropylene, it is an essential tool for sealing cartons, securing pallets and wrapping parcels. Available in base colours such as white and transparent, it offers the option of personalised printing in up to three colours, providing an excellent opportunity for brand promotion.

Thanks to its UV and ageing resistance, the printed PP packaging tape is extremely durable, and the advanced solvent adhesive provides very good adhesion on a variety of surfaces and in a range of conditions, in both cold and hot temperatures. In addition, the use of the tape in 60 metre lengths allows for long-term use, making it an efficient choice for a variety of packaging needs.

PP packing tape – made from transparent polypropylene film with a thickness of 25 microns, it is a universal tool for sealing cartons, protecting pallets and wrapping parcels. Resistant to UV rays, it is characterised by very good adhesion, especially on smooth surfaces, which makes it indispensable in any packaging process. Its ease of unwinding and the fact that it can be used both manually and by machine further emphasise its versatility.

With a length of 54 metres, the PP packaging tape ensures long-lasting use, which is convenient and economical for users. PP Packing Tape is ideal for use in positive temperatures, offering durability and reliability in a variety of storage and transport conditions.


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