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What is a product label?

A product label is a sticker, tag or printed information attached to a product or its packaging to communicate important product data.

This information may include the product name, composition, manufacturer information, expiry date, instructions for use, barcodes, quality or environmental certificates, safety warnings, and recycling data.

Product labels play a key role in communicating with the consumer, allowing for product identification and selection, and meeting legal requirements for consumer information.

Product labels play a key role in the identification, classification and promotion of products. Here are some basic types of product labels and their characteristics:

  • Information Labels
  • Barcode labels
  • Branding labels
  • Certificate labels
  • Warning labels

Product labels are therefore not only a tool for communicating information, but also an important element of a marketing strategy to differentiate products in the market, build branding and ensure user safety.

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