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Manufacturer of logistics labels

What is a logistics label?

Management systems for the entire supply system, release to eliminate and manage the flow throughout the control system.

With barcodes, QR codes or other digital technologies, these label modules for the automatic provision of solution data, making warehousing, transport and distribution processes faster and more efficient.

The information contained on the logistics label often includes the product identifier, expiry date, production date, expiry date and supplier data. one of these complements the optimisation of stock management and minimisation of errors during pre-picking.

Modern management systems are insecure without logistics labels, which are an essential tool in follow-up and automation.

Thermal logistics labels – a special type of labels used in logistics, which are printed using thermal printing. Thanks to their resistance to atmospheric conditions and mechanical damage, they are ideal for labelling goods requiring identification during transport and storage.

Logistics thermal transfer labels – used for permanent marking of goods where high print resistance to abrasion, moisture or extreme temperatures is required. This technology allows information to be applied precisely and clearly, which is crucial for effective supply chain management and product tracking.

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