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Mailing bags (poly mailers)

Application: Food industry, logistics, packaging, securing and protecting goods, storage.



Poly mailers are a versatile packaging solution, combining strength and flexibility, making them ideal for protecting contents from various types of damage, moisture and contamination. Their design allows them to be hermetically sealed, further protecting products and extending their shelf life.


Available in a variety of sizes and types, Poly mailers can be tailored to suit specific needs, from small electronic items to clothing and food. Additionally, their production from increasingly eco-friendly materials contributes to the environment, offering companies sustainable packaging options.

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Personalised printed poly mailers are a unique solution for companies and brands that want to strengthen their visual identity and stand out in the market. The ability to customise graphics, logos or advertising slogans on the surface of the packaging allows the creation of a consistent brand image and direct communication with the customer.

Thanks to modern printing technologies, the colours are vibrant and durable, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and professional product appearance.

Personalised poly mailers are not only practical but also functional, offering protection for the contents against moisture, dirt and damage. In addition, the use of recycled materials in the production of personalised foil packs can highlight the brand’s environmental values, attracting the attention of environmentally conscious consumers.

Recycled mailing bags are an increasingly popular solution among companies looking for environmentally friendly packaging options. Made from reclaimed materials, such as used plastic packaging, they help to reduce waste and reduce the need for new raw materials.

By using recycled material, these packs not only minimise environmental impact, but also offer robustness and durability comparable to traditional foil packs. They are an ideal choice for environmentally conscious brands and consumers seeking to promote sustainability and responsible consumption.

What’s more, Recycled mailing bags can also be personalised, allowing brands to maintain consistency in their brand image while emphasising their commitment to the environment.

Courier mailing bags, made from flexible and durable LDPE film, are an effective solution for protecting shipped items from a variety of weather conditions, such as sunlight or moisture. Their resistance to accidental tearing, combined with their very lightweight construction, makes them an ideal choice for lightweight and unbreakable items, either as standalone packaging or as additional protection for cardboard boxes.

In addition, Courier mailing bags are equipped with an adhesive closure flap to protect the contents from unauthorised access. They are also easy to store, making logistics and distribution significantly easier. What’s more, purchasing foil packs in larger quantities allows for a significant reduction in unit costs, and for repeat orders, companies often offer a deferred payment option, increasing customers’ financial flexibility.


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