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Coloured product labels

Application: Food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, technology, IT, chemical industry



Coloured product labels play a key role in communication between brands and consumers, providing essential information about the product, ingredients, expiry date, instructions for use, as well as health and safety information. They are also an important marketing element, as their design, colours and text can attract the consumer’s attention and differentiate the product from the competition. In addition to this, labels can include barcodes and other digital elements, such as QR codes, for quick product identification and access to additional information online.


Compliance with local and international labelling regulations is crucial for companies to avoid legal sanctions and ensure transparency to consumers.

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Product labels can be diverse, depending on their function, how they are made and the materials used in the production process. Here are some of the main features of the colour labels supplied:

  • Every possible shape of the labels – round, rectangular, as well as tailored to the dimensions, shape and use of the packaging.
  • Flexographic printing – realisation of large series of labels with permanent printing
  • Digital printing – small runs possible, personalised labels, variable printing.
  • Choice of materials – labels in white film, transparent film, thermal paper and thermal transfer.
  • Decorative effects achieved through the use of special structured materials.
  • Ecological self-adhesive materials (EKO).
  • Peel-off layered labels. Production of several layers in a single production run.
  • Various decoration techniques – cold-stamping, hot stamping.

We offer a variety of face layers of self-adhesive labels with an adhesive: standard acrylic, high-strength rubber, easily removable and for frozen products.

At the customer’s request, we supply labels in single or multi-row layout, on cardboard or plastic cores, with diameters: 12.5 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 76 mm, 152 mm, in quantities specified by the customer.

We serve such industries as construction, food, household chemicals, household appliances, pharmaceutical labels, cosmetic labels, clothing and footwear, gardening, household appliances, household appliances, decorative articles, etc.


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